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BLT annual reports

You can download copies of the current BLT Annual Report here. These reports are published in early summer every year.


Intelligent mobility: The 2015 financial year

BLT continues to grow: in 2015 passenger numbers increased by 769,000 (1.4%)  to a total 53.5 million passenger journeys. Important infrastructure projects have now been completed on time. These included renewal of track between Flüh and Rodersdorf and upgraded track safety features on the Bottmingen-Ettingen stretch. The next innovations in the pipeline are the Mobile U-Abo subscription service that  we have developed in cooperation with the BVB, and completing integration into the BLT of the unique narrow-gauge Waldenburgerbahn linking Waldenburg with Liestal.


Structure and form

The BLT financial report lays out the financial statements and results of the company. In addition, important BLT events and projects are presented from the current fiscal year and illustrated with photographs.

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