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The BLT as employer

The BLT is not only a first class passenger transportation company; it is also a great place to work. Working in the service of public transport has a satisfaction of its own, and offers attractive career opportunities for various professional groups.


Our culture

The common theme that binds the more than 400 employees in the BLT is a conviction to approach each day’s work in the spirit of public service. Not only does this strengthen the bonds of comradeship, but it's fun as well. We treat one another with respect and our dealings are open, uncomplicated and direct.The majority of BLT staff work in a uniform – and this underscores our collegial unity. We strongly believe that everybody should be treated equally - regardless of gender, race or social status. It is the employees themselves that create the BLT dynamic.


All employees are company ambassadors

As a service provider to the general public, we are highly visible to customers and road users. It is not surprising, therefore, that the principle: «Do unto others as you would be done by,» has special meaning for us. The criteria we use to calculate salaries and our social policy are transparent, and are in line with the market in terms of function, performance and experience levels. We encourage our employees to continue building their skills. Similarly, we emphasize active and trusting relationships with our social partners. We lay great importance on the occupational health and safety measures that we take. We create the conditions that ensure that our employees are protected from any kind of discrimination.

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