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This is the highest executive body of the company. Its members implement strategy decided by the Board, in turn regularly informing the Board on issues relating to business performance.



Andreas Büttiker


The Director has overall responsibility for the operational management of the company. He implements business strategy approved by the Board and promotes a corporate culture character­ised by entrepreneurship, customer­focus and the efficient delivery of services.


Fredi Schoedler
Deputy Director
Head of Operations and Techology


The primary function of the Head of Operations and Technology is to ensure that our operations are safe, customer-oriented and efficient. He evaluates traffic and vehicle concepts and provides for the efficient use of resources. He also has responsibility for Risk Management and the company’s IT functions.


Doris Rutishauser
Head of Finances a.i.


The Head of Finance and HR is re­spon­sible for the financial management of the company. As the leader of an active Con­troll­ing function, he monitors key per­formance indicators, costs and expenses. When corrective measures are needed, it is his role to ensure their timely implementation.


Christian Boos
Head of Operations


Alexandra Gasser
Head of Human Resources


Philipp Glogg
Head Vehicles


Reto Meister
Head of Marketing and Sales


The Head of Sales and Marketing is respon­sible for the analysis, planning, im­ple­men­ta­tion and monitoring of all business and marketing activities. At the centre of his attention are the company’s customers and their relationships to the BLT.


Reto Rotzler
Head of Infrastructure


The Head of Infrastructure plans and executes the building of new property on behalf of the BLT. He is also responsible for maintaining and replacing infrastructure elements with the aim of securing trouble-free operation. He also leads the track and electric engineering services.

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