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The Best Connections in the Basel Region

Every day, the BLT transports nearly 152,000 passengers in its fleet of state-of-the-art trams, trains and buses. It’s our job to get them to their destinations safe, sound and on time.



152,500 passengers travel on the BLT’s trams, trains and buses every day. Reliability is our mission, and our goal is to bring passengers to their destination punctually, safely and in a relaxed frame of mind. To ensure that we meet the highest standards of service at all times, the BLT is passionately committed to the ideals of public transport. Of course, that includes not just the personnel operating the trams and buses day in, day out, but also those less visible parts, such as vehicle cleaning and maintaining regular maintenance schedules.



Central to our operations are the needs and desires of our customers. These include speedy, direct transport links, frequent services, connections that are intelligently thought-through, comfortable vehicles and up-to-date customer information. Particularly important is the friendly and courteous relationship that we maintain with our passengers throughout the 22 hours of service that we offer ever day, 365 days a year.


Value for Money

North-west Switzerland has an extensive and popular public transport network: one that is being constantly developed to make it even better. In fact, our region has the highest public transport subscription density by population of the whole country. Two-thirds of people in the region travel at least once a week by tram, bus or train. The key to this success is the widely-used U-Abo subscription, or, to give the service its full title:  the «General-subscription for North West Switzerland». The U-Abo is popular because of its affordability, its range (the whole of north-west Switzerland) and its sheer simplicity of use.



There can never be any compromise when it comes to safety. In recent years, the BLT has either made secure or completely removed more than 200 level crossings. In addition, protection systems have been installed or upgraded at a number of tram crossing points. We are proud of the high standards of safety that we maintain – and we regularly review them. Hand in hand with these safety measures are regular staff training courses.



As a transport company, the BLT focuses on the core competence areas in which it excels, enabling the company to operate efficiently and economically. In order for us to maintain this focus, non-core services such as tram and bus maintenance are outsourced to third party specialists. The fact that all of our employees have a high awareness of costs is one of our key competitive advantages.



«Use it or lose it»is just as true in public transport as in many other walks of life. Rather than resting on the laurels of its past successes, the BLT is continuously on the lookout for innovative additions to upgrade the company’s services. Examples are free Wi-Fi, the «BLT FreeNet» in our Tango trams, «Abfahrten», the BLT mobile app for travellers on the move, and the BLT Departure board monitor for hotels and restaurants.

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