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Our brand

A brand is more than just a logo: it stands for content and values. The BLT brand is no different, based as it is on the BLT mission and its values. Together, they are at the core of everything we do: the partnership that we share with our stake­holders.



The repeated, consistent use of our brand elements directly increases recognition by customers, business partners, shareholders and employees. Our corporate design determines the way in which we present ourselves to stakeholders. The BLT logo, our colour schemes, attractive imagery and clear typography are all expressions of that same identity.



Our brand stands for value; it’s taken more than 125 years for BLT to become what it is today. The BLT brand has been developed with great care over the years, neatly navigating a path between traditional continuity on the one hand, and on the other, adapting to the appeal of the new. When it comes to public transport, we are proud to have gained such a high reputation for reliability and quality – a mark of high esteem recognised throughout north-western Switzerland.


Careful maintenance

We are passionate in the defence, promotion and strengthening of our brand. Keeping a close eye on all things – both visuals and overall content - means that the brand continues to gain clarity and resonance. And the reason we do this is that when the BLT is strong, everyone’s a winner. Our customers are reassured because they know that we stand for high quality: we are highly desired as an employer for both current and future members of staff, and our shareholders benefit from a stable company that is attractive to its current and potential customers. All in all, a reliable asset that knows just how to remain competitive in a dynamic market environment.


Corporate Design

For further details about our colours, typography and the BLT logo, check out our Download Center.

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