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Our advertising campaigns are able to place BLT’s broad variety of services into perfect context with an expert and seemingly effortless touch. What’s more, because we understand the difference between image, product, and tactical campaigns, we can position each to play to its natural strengths.

Tactical campaigns
Product campaigns

Tactical campaigns

The great strength of our short-duration tactical campaigns is their ability to reach narrowly defined target groups. They are best suited to actions, promotions and special events.


Integrated communication

Our campaigns take full advantage of all communication channels currently available. In addition to traditional print and poster formats, internet and social media are becoming ever more prominent. Making use of all these vehicles enables us to match perfectly the characteristics of content, form and publication frequency.


Product campaigns

When it comes to product campaigns, the extensive options provided by the BLT make public transport in north west Switzerland even more individual and comfortable. Product campaigns are best suited to medium duration exposure activities.


Image campaigns

The basic BLT campaign is long-term, and positions the company as an attractive brand. Adjacent you will find a selection of some of our  most highly targeted image campaigns. You can see even more examples by clicking the down arrow in the foot of the website.

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