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Vehicles and rolling stock

The BLT has a fleet of over 100 trams, 7 commuter trans and 68 buses. When we buy new vehicles, we emphasise the needs of contemporary customers and always adopt the most advanced, commercially viable environmental technologies.


New generation transport

The introduction of the Tango tram heralded in a new era. This modern tram offers the most up-to-date standards in terms of reliability and travelling comfort. Eight, wide double doors, all providing easy access to low-level trams in spacious carriages, offer seating for 101 passengers, plus standing room for a further 167. From 2011 to 2016, tram routes 10 and 11 will feature a growing number of new Tango trams as our older rolling stock is gradually replaced.



Modern equipment depot

Depot facilities in Münchenstein and Oberwil are ideal, providing a full suite of efficient servicing workshops directly alongside BLT tram routes. Their infrastructure is geared to provide optimum working facilities and high levels of productivity. BLT is careful to ensure that all of its investments our well founded in modern, commercially viable, environmental technology.


Current bus fleet

Today’s passengers travel safely and comfortably in our new Mercedes Citaro buses. Regular fleet turnover rates ensure that BLT vehicles are always up to date in terms of comfort, while at the same time ensuring the best possible ecological, economic and passenger information systems.

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