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Today's Tram fleet

The tram fleet currently operated by BLT consists of three different models: the modern Tango model, trams with low-floor sections and trams without. If you have a large party, these are the trams for you.


Vehicles and capacities

  • Tram Be 6/10 has several low-floor sections: 101 seats
  • Tram Be 4/8 has one low-floor section: 66 seats
  • Tram Be 4/6, has no low-floor section; 45 seats


Technical data can be found here.


Combination options

  • Trams Be 4/8+Be 4/6 together seat 111 (as used on routes 10+11)
  • Combinations with three tram sections are not available



These trams are not equipped for catering and BLT is not able to take care of your catering requirements. However, you may offer your guests food and drink that you have organised yourself if you make a private booking.

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