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Private tram excursions can be taken over the entire BLT and BVB tram network. However, for operational reasons, and depending on the requested date and route, it is possible that some sections of the network may not be available.



Please note that private hire passengers may board and leave trams only at official tram stops.


Oldtimer trams

If you choose Tram No. 4 for your private excursion, please note that the entire BLT and BVB tram network is generally available (with the exception of Bruderholz if a tram with trailer is required). For excursions with Tram No. 12, some (hill) sections in Basel are not available for technical reasons.


Modern trams

Our modern tram fleet is not subject to technical limitations. This means that if no restrictions are in force for operational reasons, the entire network is available.

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