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Facilities for the disabled

For people with disabilities, day-to-day mobility is an important issue. BLT takes seriously its responsibility to do whatever is necessary to create obstacle-free travel on public transport.


Passengers with walking disabilities

All bus and tram combinations have at least one low-level door. Doors to these floors are marked with a wheelchair symbol.

With very few exceptions, all BLT trams have at least one section featuring a low floor. With the possible exception of a malfunction, passengers can rest assured that every tram, even those at the end of the day’s schedule, will have a section with a low-floor.

The suspension systems on all of our buses are capable of lowering «onto one knee» when they come to a bus stop. They are also fitted with wheelchair ramps. A hand signal to the driver is all it takes to let him or her know that you need assistance getting aboard. We’re happy to help you. Moreover, kerbs and other obstacles are being removed from bus and tram stops as part of our rolling modification programme.


Travelling for the visually impaired

Make sure you use the front door of the bus or tram if you would like the driver to give you information about routes and times, or if you need the door open for longer or any other kind of assistance that you may need. All bus- and tram-stops have tactile markings. So do the front doors of all vehicles. Also, main bus stops and all vehicles are equipped with public address systems to provide important information about service interruptions etc. Lastly, all of our vehicles broadcast audible announcements before arriving at each stop.

Our ticket machines have a special mode to help the visually impaired. This mode can be activated by directly touching the screen at the bottom, the top right or top left.


Travel with a hearing impairment

At all our stations you will find schedules, network maps and local maps. The busier stops are also fitted with screens displaying information about when the next bus or tram is due. Display screens have also been fitted in all vehicles, which show the next stop on the route.

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