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«Tickets», the must-have app for the TNW network.

The new no-nonsense «Tickets» app does exactly what the name promises by bringing the ticket machine to you, no matter where you are. From now on you can buy all the travel vouchers you need easily by simply downloading them onto your Smartphone.


Two clicks and the ticket’s yours

When you’ve got «Tickets» running, all it takes is two simple clicks to get your own personal TNW Single tickets and Day tickets: quick, easy and safe.

The design of the app has been deliberately kept simple – easy to get to grips with even if you’re not technically minded. All the steps have been automated as far as possible, including: location determination, pricing and the choice of language (German, French, English).

Payment can be made securely through any one of three credit/debit card operators: Mastercard, VISA, the PostFinance Postcard and Swisscom Easypay. No further registration steps are necessary. Credit card data is not stored on the Smartphone, ensuring a high level of security.

In the Preferences function you can create your own unique customer profile (full or reduced price, 1st or 2nd class). Other options include the choice of having a sales confirmation automatically sent to a pre-defined email address, and also whether to activate a parental control system by setting a password as part of the transaction process.

The app, designed by the BLT, was developed by Swiss software specialists Netcetera.

More information about the new BLT app can also be found in the media section (German only).

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