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Information about the TNW

The Tariff Association of Northwestern Switzerland (TNW) consists of 5 partners: the two passenger transport companies serving Basel (BVB and BLT), Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), the Swiss Post Bus service (PostAuto Schweiz) and Autobus AG Liestal (AAGL).


TNW’s secret of success

It’s easy: lower prices plus a range of attractive options equals more customers. A winning formula, tried and tested over many years that we will continue to develop in the days to come.

The core product of the TNW is the U-Abo subscription. It is valid throughout the entire network area and has no time or zone restrictions. Not surprising that it’s the ticket of choice for three out of four of all our passengers. Our objective in introducing the U-Abo almost 25 years ago was quite clear: to enable as many people to use public transport as possible. In terms of achieving our goal, the numbers speak for themselves. In 2006, for the first time ever, we sold two million U-Abo monthly and annual subscriptions – equivalent to 30% of the population. In recent years, TNW partners have transformed a simple cross-tariff system into a fully-fledged pricing alliance. In addition to managing our revenue-generating business, we also feel it our responsibility to communicate the strengths of the public transport system. At its heart is the breadth of choice that we offer. As a result, in recent years public transport has enjoyed a period of expansion and improvement, helped not least by significant contributions made by parliaments and governments at cantonal and municipal levels.

The impact of the TNW is not restricted only to Switzerland. Solid partnerships with our opposite numbers in Germany and France are constantly addressing demands for increased mobility in the three-country region. And, with the introduction of new distribution systems, all ticket machines can now endorse tickets that are valid for any cross-border journey. In reality, this means we now have a fully tri-national border transport system. Another important step has been the development of effective communication and digital customer information systems for customers. Drawing on an internal structure designed to be lean and efficient, TNW is committed to remaining aligned to the needs of its customers and their needs. An ongoing process, you might say, that we’re constantly working on.


Public transport partners

BVB is the largest partner, accounting for nearly half of all TNW revenues. Then follow the BLT and SBB, each with a share of about twenty percent. Postauto, AAGL and WB make up the remaining ten percent. The calculation of revenue distribution to the individual transport companies is based on the numbers of passengers and the distances they travel. Each company is obliged to submit figures relating to their own operations. This is undertaken either manually or by means of automatic customer tallying systems.

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