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App «Abfahrten»

With iPhone and Android phones, you can use the new BLT app to find out the current departure times at all TNW stations - instantly.


Taking the guesswork out of public transport

The BLT app «Abfahrten» provides public transport departure times in northwestern Switzerland directly to your mobile device. The app is easy to use and is sure to become indispensible to passengers everywhere in the region. This is especially useful for those bus and tram stops not equipped with digital information screens. The BLT app is free for all iPhone and Android smartphone users.

Departure times of BLT, BVB, AAGL (Autobus AG Liestal) and PostAuto are provided in real time (RT). It is foreseen to expand the real time data to the entire public transport in northwestern Switzerland.

More information on the app can also be found in the media releases section.


This is what the BLT app can do:

  • Finds the nearest stations based on your current location
  • Gives you easy-to-read details of upcoming departure times at each stop/station
  • Provides information about transfer and connection points along your journey. Just follow the route downwards on the graphic to find your station.
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