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The U-Abo is the optimal choice for regular travellers. These season tickets are valid 24/7 throughout the North-west Switzerland region (TNW) and are available for monthly or annual validity in two versions: transferable and non-transferable.


General Information

Subsidies provided by communities and cantons, in turn funded by all taxpayers in the TNW area, enable us to set the price of a U-Abo season ticket at a particularly appealing rate. The U-Abo season ticket allows unlimited travel throughout the entire network – the same way as that provided by the nationwide General Abonnement (GA) pass. Particularly advantageous is the annual version of the U-Abo: validating the ticket just once is all you need to travel in comfort for an entire year. Note: you pay for just ten months’ travel for the annual U-Abo pass. Two months are free! What’s more, you get to choose when your year’s free travel begins.

Adult season tickets
The personal U-Abo season ticket can only be used by the owner and cannot be transferred to other persons. It is only valid in conjunction with an official personal ID (Identity card, passport, Half-Fare travelcard, SwissPass, U-Abo-Card or «TNW-Grundkarte»). Should you forget to carry your season ticket, you have the option of presenting it at any transport sales outlet within ten days. In that case, all you have to pay is a CHF 5.- processing fee and not the standard fine of CHF 100.- levied for travel without a valid ticket. If you lose your personal U-Abo, it can be replaced on payment of a CHF 30.- processing charge.

Transferable season tickets
Transferable U-Abo season tickets are also issued in the owner’s name, but can be used by other persons. Note however, that it cannot be replaced in the event of loss, and forgetting to carry it with you is considered as travelling without a valid ticket.

Pensioners’ and Invalidity season tickets
Season tickets for seniors and recipients of invalidity assistance are only available for personal, second-class travel. Invalidity beneficiaries also need to present a valid invalidity ID or a pension document when making an initial application.

Young People’s season tickets
Young persons up to the age of 25 can benefit from a fare reduction with the Junior U-Abo. These Young People’s season tickets are only available for personal, 2nd class travel.


U-Abo Portal

Information regarding the U-Abo season ticket is available on our U-Abo portal (German only).

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