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Stets topaktuell: Hier finden Sie Neuig­keiten rund um unser Unter­nehmen, unsere Produkte und Dienst­leistungen sowie Infos zu laufen­­den Projekten.


Best of Swiss Apps: Mobile Ticketing App der BLT holt Gold.

Die App «Tickets» der BLT Baselland Transport AG holte an der gestrigen Preisverleihung der Best of Swiss Apps 2014 Gold in der Kategorie Travel und belegt von allen, über 100 eingereichten Apps den dritten Platz.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier sowie im Bereich Medienmitteilungen.



«Tickets», the new app for the TNW Network.

August 26 saw a new milestone in the TNW calendar with the launch of «Tickets», the first Smartphone app geared specifically to meet the needs of the Swiss tariff associations. Access to public transport is now a «walk in the park», thanks to the app’s simplicity and intuitive operation.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and is a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

More information can be found in the media section (German only).


A million more passengers

The number of passengers carried by BLT In 2013 totalled 52 million. This record figure represents an increase of 1 million or 1.9% more than the previous year. 2013 will go down as a year when the BLT made a number of key decisions. First on the list was a major order for the second phase of Tango trams: 19 in all. Two more milestones came in the form of a restructuring of the BLT pension fund and creating the organisation needed to further develop the travel association covering north-west Switzerland (Tarifverbund Nordwest­schweiz: TNW). Finally, a decision was taken concerning which company will operate the Margarethen­stich part of the route 17 tramline: the BLT.

For more information go to our Media pages (German only).

You can access the 2013 BLT Annual Report here.


More than 125 years of experience. The BLT, 40 years on.

Zum 40. Geburtstag der BLT verkehrt auf den Tramlinien der BLT eine spezielle Doppeltraktion. Das vordere Fahrzeug trägt die Farben der ehemaligen Birsig­tal­bahn (BTB), das hintere Fahrzeug trägt die Farben der ehemaligen Birseckbahn (BEB).


New bus and tram stops for BVB and BLT

In many ways, bus and tram stops are the public face of a transport company. As such, they need to be clean, bright, easily accessible and well labelled. Much of the architecture and colour of today’s bus and tram stops has remained largely unchanged from original designs laid down some 40 years ago. So, it’s not surprising that they are looking the age just a bit. In the future, thanks to a single, new design developed jointly by the BVB and BLT, pick-up and drop-off points will all have the same look and feel, with timetables all sharing a common format.


Central to the design of the new stops will be their all-new info-stations, each 3.3 metres high and 40 centimetres wide. These stations are displayed on posts on all tram and bus stops in Basel-Stadt. Where space is limited at stops operated by Basel-Land Transport, information will be placed on panels instead of posts. Transport schedules will be displayed at each of the stations, together with maps of the TNW network and the local area. Care has been taken to ensure that the design fulfils the typeface requirements of the Equality for the Disabled Act (BehiG).


The new design tram/bus stops were first piloted in Claraplatz (BVB) and Landererstrasse, Reinach (BLT) in early April. Work on upgrading other stops will continue throughout the year, with a region-wide roll-out planned for 2015.


BLT FreeNet: Fast, easy and free

Many Basel-Land Transport customers are already aware of the our free wi-fi service - BLT FreeNet. Since February 2012 the service has been standard in all Tango trams. With immediate effect, users can enjoy our new and faster 4G connection, and access has been made easier than ever. Demand has already been strong. More than 58,000 users registered with the service In the first two years alone, accessing more than 150 million websites.

More information can be found here or in the Media section.


All departure times at a glance courtesy of BLT departure monitors

BLT departure monitors feature full-screen displays of upcoming departures on all public transport routes in north-west Switzerland from whichever bus or tram stop or train station you choose. The departure times of buses run by the BLT and Autobus AG Liestal are displayed in real-time. The departure times of other transport options (S-Bahn, BVB trams and buses, buses run by PostAuto and BLT trams) are displayed as per the published schedules.


You can view the BLT Departure board here.


Flyer Abfahrtsmonitor (German only)


Timetable changes from 15 December 2013

BLT’s new timetables will come into force on 15 December 2013. Schedules containing details of all the latest changes will be available from that date. You can find the most important changes to the timetable if you click here (German only).


If you want to look up BLT timetables by tram and bus stop, click here.


Have a nice trip!


BLT PowerNews

The BLT magazine with a focus on energy efficiency. The print edition (German only) will be mailed out in mid-June. Why not download the PDF version now?

More information about BLT's use of energy can be found here


Fiscal year 2012: passing the 50 million barrier

The number of passengers carried by BLT In 2012 totalled 51 million. This record figure represents an increase of 2.2 million or 4.5% more than the previous year. The reasons behind this above-average boost in passenger numbers are two-fold: the increased frequency of tram numbers 10 and 17, and the extension of the 64 bus route.

More information can be found in the media information section (German only).

Click here to see BLT’s 2012 Annual Report.

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